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The Team

Charles Quartey


Kory Schaeffer

General Manager.

Joy Phillips

Office Manager

Samuel Ampofo


Esther Asare-Konadu

Design Developer

Julius Turkson

Project Assistant

Gerhon Gatri

Electrical Engineer

Sherrif Kwashie

Project Manager

John Agbezuka

Finishing Supervisor


Who we are

Our commitment in providing a service that is unique and customer-oriented is based on our passion to create exceptional spaces that transform lifestyles. This passion, coupled with the team’s expertise and creativity, has driven our team to convert ideas into reality, thereby providing a unique solution for every client. At SPACE we aim to create stillness out of chaos, inspiration out of obtuseness and productivity out of inefficiency. We believe that the spaces we exist in affect the way we lead our lives, either inspiring and motivating us through thoughtful and purposeful design, or acting as a detriment to the things we set out to accomplish. By aiming to provide services that do the former, we offer you the best solution for a transformative space.
We at SPACE believe that every space has the ability to inspire . We endeavor to avoid the usual design and build pitfalls, and attempt to solve the existing problems we encounter in any project we take on. . Are you building your dream home, setting up an office, restaurant or hotel? We are here to help avoid using materials that are, for instance, not fit for local use, and to provide realistic yet cutting-edge designs that fit the landscape as a whole. Our mission at SPACE is providing our clients with exceptional and distinctive designs through atypical techniques and incorporating materials that are affordable, yet ideal for each space, as we continuously challenge the conventional design status quo.
The SPACE team’s primary goal is to exceed each clients expectations. We believe that our ambitious and creative team is able to harness our diverse ideas and experiences to produce results that are beyond the initial idea. Each member of our team, driven by a common passion for design and build, is dedicated to providing turnkey professional services. As an innovative team, we deliver unparalleled ingenuity that translates into the distinct spaces.

We are

We Are


Our mission is to create exceptional spaces that transform lifestyles (spacial experiences).

We aim to positively influence the Ghanaian design and build landscape, as we transform spaces with aptness and amelioration for the Ghanaian market and climate. Our ultimate goal is to replicate this vision not only in Ghana, but in the rest of West Africa and beyond.

SPACE takes into consideration the cultural, aesthetic and climatic environments that it works in. Thus, we bring originality and durability to each project we take on. We are mindful of what ought to be changed and what must be conserved. In doing this, the company focuses on the below;

Our Approach

Realization of any project begins with a thorough understanding of the client’s unique vision. Whether we’re working on developing a restaurant or resort, renovating a business space, or investing in an entirely new business, we conduct in-depth research to analyze our market and thus evaluate the feasibility of our undertaking. In all cases, our team with diverse expertise is fit to steer our clients from start to finish, while including them within the process in order to facilitate progress understanding.

In many developing nations, industries (including mining, manufacturing, energy production, and construction) composes a significant percent to GDP. In our home country Ghana, it contributes to 27.7% of the GDP and is responsible for the employment of 14.4% of the county’s workforce.

SPACE holds the ethical drive to increase workforce, and does so through our extensive list of sub contracted specialists, ensuring that we create jobs while providing quality training and guidance to local skilled laborers.

We are very aware of the cultural, aesthetic and climatic environments we work in. Thus, although we bring originality in each project, we only do so in a way that is appropriate and relevant to the client and their brand, as well as the country they are building in. We are mindful of what ought to be changed and what must be conserved.

At SPACE, we are big believers in pushing boundaries and adding value by improvement. We are not satisfied with doing things a certain way out of expectation. Each project must be better than the last.


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