Here are some of our expertise

Feasibility Studies

Ideas are born out of inspiration. In order to convert inspirational ideas into actuality we begin with an assessment of the prospects, practicability and limitations. Through our unique operational experience, we provide the groundwork for guiding idea development using proven reliable solutions to outline the motivating factors for success. Identifying the path for success at the onset provides safety and assurance along the journey of idea realization.

Preliminary Designs

Designing begins by transferring ideas to paper. Our preliminary designs provide a 2D floor plan and aesthetic visual representation of the potential usability and appearance of any space. Once presented with a range of options, the clients make the final selection on the core concepts of the space.

Construction Administration

Through detailed planning and refined industry experience SPACE handles all aspects of construction from scheduling and coordinating, to monitoring and controlling, to reach an on time and on budget result. Project status updates are provided directly from our team to you as we function as the direct source for communication regarding all details of your project.

Post construction maintenance

An integral part of preserving the life of a newly built structure is the commitment to maintenance. At SPACE we provide our clients with a construction maintenance service aptly catered to the specifications of each build. We don’t believe that maintenance must be a constant headache, and our maintenance service ensures that you have a reliable team of professionals to handle whatever may arise.

Investment strategy

Through our history of creating innovative spaces we understand the importance of developing a long term operational strategy in order for the efficient and insightful use of investments to create sustainability and growth. Engage SPACE in the development of your investment strategy and you find that our meticulous knack for planning and our experience in the realization of innovative ideas provides insightful knowledge crucial to a successful result.

Spatial Design & Documentation

Design is more than a set of measurements and calculations. At SPACE, we understand that physical structures, social agendas, and historical factors play a significant role in the transformation of a space. Through the development of architectural, interior, and landscape designs we relate patterns of living to the architectural requirements of a structure, and provide a mechanism for transformation that is apt and thorough.

3D Modeling & Renderings

Design & Build has a language of it’s own, and at SPACE we understand this can be overwhelming. In order to ensure you have a thorough understanding of how your finished space will appear we develop a digital 3D model and execute high quality rendered images reflecting the aesthetic reality of the completed designs prior to the onset of construction.

Bidding and negotiation

We are committed to providing the highest level of service, while maintaining affordability and practicality in the process. During design development, we engage all aspects of the build in a thorough bidding and negotiation process. Our extensive network of vendors and skilled craftsmen are vetted to provide you with an accurate and precise Bill of Quantities.

Financial accounting

To accompany all designs and project planning SPACE provides accounting and financial reporting services on all projects. We begin by identifying payment milestones in line with the Bill of Quantities, and manage all procurement, payments, and record keeping through project completion. Upon project closure we turnover financial records for your personal guarantee and record keeping. At SPACE we are committed to transparency, and our post-project refunds mean that funds saved through efficient implementation is cash returned to our clients.

Product Design

Our design skillset encompases not only that of buildings and spaces. We are also skilled at designing products. By assessing the useability and functionality of a customized solution, we engage in idea development together with the client to provide a specific and detailed result fit for use.

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